Ep. 35: The Dark Hours

We all suggest you all check it out. This episode we had Kyle Roberts, co-writer, illustrator, inker, and letterer of the series called "The Dark Hours" hang out with us. This story originally started as a screen play written by Brian Barsuglia. After some some collaboration Kyle and Brian decided to make it into a comic. Here is a quick synopsis of the book, "Isolated on the American frontier the town of Redemption casts a dark shadow. The arrival of a stranger forces long kept secrets into the light and reveals a greater threat to the town and its inhabitants. Judgment awaits the living and the dead as a forlorn group of gunfighters and settlers must fight for their lives against a primeval supernatural terror. Night approaches, and with it comes The Dark Hours." Great story, fine art, want to see more. Issue #3 is due to be out by the end of the year.

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