Ep. 36 & 37: Fritz Lives

This week our show is a two-parter. We got to sit and chat with local Emmy Award winner Frederick C. Peerenboom. Here is a quick rundown on this amazing fella. Back in 1974, on WBNS Channel 10 in Columbus, Ohio after the 11 o'clock news there was a program that played late night movies called "Nite Owl Theatre". It started out as a still picture of an owl with a voice over before the movie, during the commercials, and then an outro after the movie. After many letters sent to "Fritz the Nite Owl", the station decided to make a live presence appear. Thus, the begining of a timless classic. Fritz's show ran 7 nights a week for many years until 1991, aired 6,205 broadcasts, and also won 5 Emmy's. In 2010, a life long fan named Mike McGraner brought back Fritz and won his 6th Emmy in 2013. Now the show is on the big screen back in Columbus, with more cities to be added soon. Fritz's Legacy Series can be seen beginning July, 5th on KreepyKastle.com which shows Fritz's segments from all 17 years of the original "Nite Owl Theatre". You can also go to Fritzlives.com to find out when and where Nite Owl Theatre will be playing next and check out the stores to buy movies, posters, and t-shirts.

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