Ep. 38: Gideon & Sebastian

We've been sitting on this series for quite a while. Gideon & Sebastian are a Vampire and a Vampire Hunter. Quite the pair you say? Well, you have no idea. First panel of issue #1 and you will automatically know how their partnership works. Awesome series nonetheless, lots of movie easter eggs which was totally awesome. Also, each issue is actually many different stories by different artists and writers. G&S are normal length books, about 32+ pages. Most of the stories do carry on from issue to issue. Issue #3 is due out soon, we got a head start on all you out there, nya nya!! Head on over to PLB Comics website to buy Gideon & Sebastian, they also have another series for purchase as well. If you in the Maryland/Delaware area, the guys at PLB Comics will be hitting a bunch of Cons in the area. You can see their schedule on the website too. Great work guys!! We'll definitely be looking out for the next one!

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