Ep. 39: Uncanny Adventures - Science Vs. Mad Science

This week Jesse Dubin, the founder and head editor of 8th Wonder Press joined us to chat about the comic compilation "Uncanny Adventures: Science vs. Mad Science". This book contains 19 different stories all based science and also mad science. The first half covers all stories based on actual non-fiction based science. You know, the real stuff. One story that stood out was based on actual facts about feral children. But don't forget about the one about going to search the internet for a great pudding recipe!! You'll just have to read the book to find out what the hell I'm talking about. Then of coarse the second half is based on MAD SCIENCE, the stuff where you have crazy scientists that make monsters, portals to anywhere, or the good Ol' Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde type stories. 28 different creators put this book together. Many from actual big name comics companies such as Marvel, Image, and Archaia to name a few. This is the ssecond creation that 8th Wonder Press has put together. The first one just painly named "Uncanny Adventures". Head on over to 8th Wonder Press to see what they're up to and where and when you can see em' at a Con.

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