Well, San Diego Comic Con International has come and gone. We missed it again.... But we may as well have been there after seeing everything that had happened come across our Twitter and Facebook feeds right?? PSH!! This week we had the fine gentlemen trio from PLB Comics sit in with us to rap about all we saw come through our feeds from Comic Con, and find out more of what PLB Comics is about. They shed their insights and feelings with us about the upcoming Marvel and DC movies, comics we have all read/are reading and we talked more about their comic series "Gideon and Sebastian" and "The Fall". They even made a childrens "activity" comic for the little ones to keep them busy at cons while talking to their parents about the big kid books. These guys even have their own "Annual" book they put out for halloween. All in all we laughed, we cried, well not really, made some new friends and had a blast!

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