Ep. 42: Boots & Pup: Inspired Laziness

Ah yes, here it is....Episode #42. The meaning of life and everything else. Erm, well, not really. But we did get to see an interesting type of friendship between two aliens with this weeks review of "Boots & Pup: Inspired Laziness" created by Johny Y. Jr. This comic was conconceived way back in '89 but really never came around until 2005. It then became a web-comic on gocomics.com where you can find 150 comic strips about this blue guy and his green friend. Johny then brought these two characters plus a couple more into Boots & Pup #1. "Inspired Laziness" is the collection of issues #1- #4, and what a great read. Our first impression was that it was just a book of comic strips, but then you begin to find that it is a whole continued story. Your really have to pay attention to events that happen throughout because by the time you get to the end, it all comes together in a great cliffhanger as all great comics do. Oh yeah, there is also one joke in the book that we cannot get out of our heads about in climate weather and a parade, just thinking about it makes us laugh out loud. We really want to thank Johny Y. again for bringing this terrific book to us. Are you curious about where to purchase it??

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