Ep. 43: RoboChuck Is Back!

Chris Callahan joined us this week to talk a little bit about "The Expendibles", Marvel movies, Star Wars, but mostly about the third issue of his comic "RoboChuck". Chris has used his 3-D motion graphic experience to bring this beautiful series to us. For those of you new to this series, its about a 3-D robot that lives in Flattown with the other "Flats". Ol' RoboChuck dreams of bringing the residents of his beloved town back to the way it was before the 3D's became so famous. One of the best parts of "RoboChuck" is the satire of the Chairman of Piczar and other 3D toons in the story. But we'll leave the rest of the mystery to you to find out. Listen to this weeks episode to hear more from the fellas about this awesome Indy title. You can head to RoboChuck.com to see more and purchase the series.

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