Ep. 44: Unconcious - The Grim Sleeper

Of all our reviews, we have never seen such a success story which spawned from spite! That's where Unconscious: The Grim Sleeper came from. Starting out as a quick drawing at a bar that was dubbed to be "Stupid", well, look at him now! Scott Markley has taken this "Stupid" drawing and turned it into an incredible web comic. For the past three years Scott has created an in depth story of Uncy the Grim of Sleeper. Unconscious can be read at TimeForHugs.com. New pages are added every Monday and Friday. If you don't want to flip web pages to catch up on Unconscious, you can head to the Time For Hugs store and purchase a complete book. All the books come complete with commentary footnotes of each page to make for excellent re-readability. There's also some extras at the end of the books of one of Marks other characters from Unconscious named Itchy: The Grim Creeper. Check it out!! Mark made dis!!

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