Ep. 46: Jurassic Time: The Memoirs Of John Parker Hammond

While editing Episode #44 and searching for a tribute to Richard Attenborough for the end of the show, Jeramy came across an amazing piece of work called "Jurassic Time". This book and also audio book is the memoirs of the character John Hammond, the creator of Jurrasic Park. Jurassic Time is a compilation of music and audio clips from an old PC game called Trespasser.

Trespasser is an adventure game which takes place after the events of the movie Jurassic World. It takes place on an island located next to the one in the first movie. The island also contains the abandoned facility that John Hammond created to raise the dinosaurs. You (the main character in the game) crash lands on the island, and you must you must use your wits to escape while fighting off dinosaurs. During the game you hear the memoirs of John Hammond describing the rise and fall of Jurassic Park. Too some, this game was great, but to many, was terrible. Tresapsser in know to be the worst game of 1998. There is a small group of people trying to resurrect the game, check them out at Trescom.org

Here is where our guest Derrick Davis comes in to play. Derrick took the aduio and music clips, then put together Jurassic Time. He extracted all the audio and sound clips and put together this story. The story is about John Hammonds son Thomas which finds some recordings and listens to his how his father put together everything that became Jurassic Park. Check it out http://jurassictime.trescom.org/ Now, with the passing of Richard Attenborough, this is seen to us here at Canned Air to be an awesome tribute to Richard.

Derek is also working on his own novel called Retcon Ride. His novel is about two bickering video store employees who only have one thing in common: their lives are not exactly what they wanted. Something happens and the two characters start are transported to a bunch of parallel dimensions of their hometown. They experience alternate versions of not only the place they knew; but the people they knew, and even themselves. It becomes a humorously adventurous ride; jettisoning from one outrageous dimension to the next, with little control. Along the way, apart from trying to get back to where they belong... they must also question whether or not they should try to keep understanding the universe... or just, for once... enjoy living in it. Here is a link to the novels website.

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