Ep. 47: Fooled Again?

This week we ran into a little road block. With no guest we had to kinda wing it. But, all was not lost. We still had a few stories to carry us through the episode. Jeff was able to hang out with us after missing a few week as well. Not sure what to post since this is the place we showcase the weeks guest review, we decided to throw up tid-bits of what we talked about on the show.

Last week we talked about the blessing Bill Murray gave for the idea of the all female Ghostbuster reboot. We expressed our feeling on the idea and needless to say, we weren't big fans. Low and behold last week Jack found a post with this movie poster and a short description of the cast. Kristen Wiig and Emma Stone will play sisters, Melissa McCarthy is a person named Finch, and the dude in the pic is Alden Erenrich, he will play the part of Oscar Barret. The son of Dana Barret. Also, Dan Aykroyd looks to be keeping the role of Ray Stanz going. Who knows, this may be a fan made poster, but it does give a little better of a feeling if this is the route their taking. But until we hear yay or nay, we are done on reporting on this franchise. At least for now.

Later this year Marvel will release "Hulk vs. Thanos"! The story puts our favorite green giant against the Mad Titan in a winner-takes-all contest. Annihilus is throughout the series and wants the Hulk for his own reasons. He also has something Pip the Troll terribly wants and so he kidnaps Bruce Banner to trade for that something. I think it has something to do with the big purple guy being mad about the big green guy wearing purple pants. Should be a good run. Both guys are power houses, and who doesn't love a good fight!

Last but not least. We will be at the Cincinnati Comic-Expo Saturday. If you are going, keep an eye out for us and come say hello. Hopefully we'll even get to talk to a few featured guests!! Come say hi if you run into us or see our T-shirts. We'll even snap some photos and throw them up on the website here. We will also be scouring the floor for some new comic creators to get on the show and let you all in on their stuff. Hope to see you there!!

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