Ep. 48: Stabb Gunner Vol 1

We have been waiting to share this one with you. Jack came across this series a few months back and saw that there was going to be a Kickstarter later on. Well, the time has come, it went live on the Sept 15th! We got to have pencil and inker Courtland Ellis on the show to talk more about Stabb Gunner.

This series is based on the good ol' beat em' up games like Streets of Rage, Final Fight, and Double Dragon. You remember don't you? The side scrolling games from the 90's where you walk usually from left to right as hordes of bad guys come in frame and you beat the tar out em? Maybe once in a while there was a chicken leg or maybe a pizza sitting in plain site just waiting for you to pick it up to more more health. Well, that what this book is all about.

Stabb Gunner is the story of two assasins, Stabb Fisticuffs and Gunner. After making a deal with each other, they return to Scene City for a final showdown with mayor and crime-lord Well Dressed Man. Simple yet to the point.

Any fan of anime is going to love the artwork. As you can see it is heavily influenced by "The Best Anime" as Courtland put it.

Issue #1 and #2 are available free on the Kickstarter page, so you can get familiar with the two characters and their story. But beware, YOU WILL WANT MORE!! The Kickstarter when funded will complete the series with issue #3 and #4, plus a side story all included in one 100+ page book. You can get the whole thing by donating a few dollars to the project. you can even choose a paperback or hard cover book. Many other cool rewards are available depending on your donation. Don't delay, the Kickstarter is going on until October 15th so don't waste time.

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