Ep. 49: Nowhere Man - Jacked Up

A couple of months ago we gave you all a review of the book series "Nowhere Man: You Don't Know Jack". Now, artist/writer Jerome Walford joined us this week to promote the next part of the series. We got to read issue #5 and Jerome has done it again. Don't want to say anything so we don't spoil any part of it for you. All we can tell you is, the tech schematics are back, and we get to find out a little more where Zade came from. I feel like I said to much already. If you plan on heading to New York Comic Con, Jerome will be there. Look for him at his table, chat him up and buy some books. We guarantee you won't be sorry. If you want to catch up on the series you can head over to Forward Comix again check them out.

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