Ep. 51: The Mysterious Mr. V

We saw some of his work a few months ago when we did the review of "Uncanny Adventures: Science VS. Mad Science. This time we got to talk to him. Mr. V of the website Arborcides. This guy is incredibly busy as there are tons of different web comics available to read. We focused more on the web series "Mile High Adventures in Colorado Medical Marijuana". Shew! That took a lot so say right?? This web comic is based on autobiographical events focusing on the subject of, you guessed it. Medical weed! Since all of you know (or should know by now) that Colorado is a legal marijuana state. Lots of laughs in this series as you see the process and dealing with getting the "Weed Card" to be able to smoke without getting in trouble. Don't just stay on this story as there are tons more to see. Click the link to see just what else V has in store for you.

Also this Episode we get to see the actual Licensed Dancing Baby Groot. He will be for sale this holiday season so better try to find out if you can preorder one. We think it may be the "MUST HAVE" gift this year. The only thing we don't like is the fact that it resembles a gyrating turd. Throw a Santa hat on him and you got Mr. Hanky! He does however play the song from the movie by The Jackson 5, though it is just an instrumental version. Check out this guys creation on Youtube. This is by far the best I've seen. Plus there are links to show how to make your very own!

If your a fan of the great Frank Miller's, "Dark Knight Retuns" story. We found a rumor that looks to possibly be AMAZING! The actress Jena Moore was seen on the set of Batman V. Superman a while back talking to her pal Zach Snyder. This brought out all kinds of rumors that she may be in the movie. Then Jena sends out a photo on Instagram showing off her newly dyed red hair. Let the rumors commence!! Could she really be starring in the movie? And if so, could she be playing the part of Robin/Carrie Kelly? Knowing the movie is supposed to be heavily based on the Frank Miller story, this could be a possibility. Or maybe she could be playing the part of Barbara Gordon/Oracle. She has red hair too, remember? As we always say on the show with most news, "We'll just have to wait and see."

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