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Last week writer Kenneth A. Brown shot us an email asking us to take a look at his new book Judas Breed: The Awakening. He just finished up with a successful Kickstarter and by rights it should have made it. This is deffinatley a beautiful book, artist Rayn Best has deffinatley outdone himself. The panel layputs are perfect and flow easily. It could so easy to see this story put to animation for a movie. This cover alone gives me chills just looking at it! After the first read it did seem like another re-telling of astronauts that come to a planet and find an alien specimen, then bring it back to their ship to have it come to life and wreak havoc on the ship. But, there is more to it. Here is the plot synopsis:

judas breed 2.jpg

"A woman named Connie Beaumont and her team of NASA scientists who embark on an expedition to an unknown planet in hopes of proving that life once existed there. While searching through one of the caves for micro organisms, Connie falls through a huge hole and finds herself standing in what appears to be a tomb, filled with alien skeletal remains. As the team examines one of the skeletons, Connie finds a fossilized alien anthropod attached to the vertebrae of the skeleton and decides to take it back to the ship. The fossil comes to life, attacks one of the crew members and attaches itself to the victim's vertebrae. The government finds out and keeps the victim and anthropod for themselves to do studies. While conducting more studies on earth, the victim is transformed into an alien and all hell breaks loose, as aliens threaten the lives of humanity. Connie and a hand full of Marines are forced to go into combat, as they search for the aliens nest and destroy it."

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Yup, we're sold. As you can see the story may seem to be a re-telling of Aliens, or even Prometheus. But it does go in another direction, awesome! The only thing we didn't like was the fact that we made it to the end of the book and have to wait for issue #2. We will keep you posted on rest of the series as it comes out. Here is a ling to Kenneths Deviant art page to check out more work. Also, don't forget to follow Judas Breed on Facebook. Listen to Episode 55 to hear the guys give their thoughts.

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