Ep. 59: NEW YEARS and Bushido!!

Joseph Kovall and Alex Kolesar joined us for this episode to talk to us about their Web Comic "No Need for Bushido". They are running a Kickstarter to get the second volume into print which will be a 200+ page beast of a graphic novel. Any lover of anime would like this series, I know I did. I don't know how many times I LOL'd while reading it, and I started in the middle. NNFB has been going on for about 10 years so it has to be good right? If you are history buff, you need not read, only because it's not 100% historically accurate. Maybe 80%? So when you check it out, don't be all mad because you know for a fact that things didn't happen the way it seemed tory books are wrong! I'll vote for that! The Kickstarter is going on until Jan 7th, so you still have time to donate. They have already reached their goal so now its all about the STRETCH GOALS!!! If you wanna catch up before the book comes out, head over to nnfb.com and get to reading. They have even made it easy to get into the story without going all the way to the beginning by putting up a RECAP page to get you up to speed. But, if you have lots of time, go ahead and jump right in.

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