Ep. 60: Ant-Man & The Devil

Frank Mula of AA88 Press (pronounced Aces and Eights) joined us this week to talk about the indy comic "The Devil You Know". Frank is the creator/writer of this great book, but couldn't do it without his awesome team consisting of Kellik Iskandar (pencils), Nunun Nurjannah (inks), Victoria Oittman (colors and letters) and Sal Brucculeri (edits).

AA88press.com Comixology The series is currently on issue #1, but #2 will be out on January 14th. You can head over to and grab it there. Definitely a good read and it gets better as the story continues. We already got to read issue two and are now hooked. Frank said this series is planned to go for about 12 issues as the main character ascends through the depths of hell and kicks some demon ass. Speaking of the story, here is a quick synopsis: to pick up a hard copy, or for those of you who like to be green can shoot over to

"One late night, Greydon Cross found his family slaughtered and the Devil himself standing before him. Struck down himself before he could have his revenge, Greydon makes a deal with God upon his death. In exchange for power, Greydon agrees to travel to Hell and assassinate the Devil. There is one catch however, once Satan is destroyed Greydon would have to assume the mantle."

Ooooo, I still get the chills when I ready that last part about taking the mantle of Satan. Go check this series out!

We also got to see a couple of trailers for the movie "Ant-Man" that comes out this summer. Well Ok, it was the same two trailers, just different sizes, well for two of them at least. Marvel played a joke on everyone with the Ant Sized teaser, then the next day or so gave us the human sized one. Not alot to go on for the movie, but then on Tuesday after the new show "Agent Carter" were graced witht he full length teaser. Still not bowled over for the movie, but was very excited to see him riding on an ant. Nonetheless, we will all be dishing out the money to see it when it hits theaters. Plus it Paul Rudd! Who doesn't love that guy?? Oh yeah, Kate from lost is also in it, we like her still right?

CBS has been rumored to be bringing us Superman's awesome cousin to TV. The show is also rumored to cross-over with Arrow and The Flash series. How awesome would this be??? The only thing is finding the right person to play Supergirl. We found a possible list, though it's all speculation right now. The actresses rumored to don the Blue skirt and red cape are:

Gemma Atkinson

Claire Holdt

Amber Heard

Laura Vandervoort

Ashley Benson

They're all HOT!

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