Ep. 61: Summons Re-Summoned?

An ancient book falls into evil hands. Can 3 unlikely warriors find it before being consumed by evil themselves?" website, there are also a bunch of other good looking books there. too. A quick premise of the series: " page or go to This week the guys got to chat with creator Chris Williams series "Summons" from Hound Comics. Chris surprised us letting us know that this series is planned to go on for quite a while. He has 3 dedicated readers right here. Issue #2 is currently at the printers so it should be out soon. He has leaked a few pages here and there for everyone to peek at so keep a eye out for release day. We'll let you know also. To pick up an issue head over to our

If you like Chris's work click over to his Deviant Art page and check out his commission list and get some sweet work done for your very own. Don't forget to "Like" the Summons Facebook page!

So it looks like just a page from the newest comic series of the Silver Surfer. But look again. Look really really close. This is actually a fantastic body paint job! Look you can see his underwear! I have to say this is one of the best pieces I have seen in all the body paint genre. He has his eyes closed to give it the feel of the comic but still, incredible.

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