Ep. 64: CA Talks To C.A. About TDUGN

C.A. Morgan hung out with us this week to talk about her web comic TDCGN. That's just the short version of the name, it's actually an acronym of The Dracko Universe Graphic Novel. C.A. is the writer and artist of this great fantasy story. To get an idea of what it's about read on:

Forced to leave her home by her guardian, a young girl by the name of Moira ends up in the custody of the Mira, respective leaders of the Draga Empire.

Her arrival happens unexpectedly, several years after the deaths of four other imperial leaders at the hands of a defector: Rayen d’Lecroix, and his anti-imperial faction.

However, suspicions are raised when Moira claims to be from Aerde, a place that does not exist.

With doubts cast upon Moira’s origin, the surviving Mira reluctantly unite to help her, unknowing what waits in store.

Intriguing right? We really liked it. Not only does C.A. do this weekly comics, she is a self taught computer programmer and music composer. Some of her music work can be found on the TDUGN website. You can also check out more her amazing artwork here. There is one piece there of Agent May and Phil Coulson from Agnets of Shield that is amazing!

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