Ep. 66: The Guardians Of Delta City

That's right! Not "Guardians of the Galaxy", of Delta City. We hung out with creator Todd Black this week to find out more about his comic "Guardians". This book is really about a city that has basically become "Gothamized". What does that mean you ask? If you know anything about the great city of Gotham in which Batman is always saving. Then you may understand what I'm getting at. The city is over run with crime. After enduring so much fear, the city has called out to their maker to help. The creator listened...

The creator then sent two beings to go and

protect the city and it's

inhabitants. One of the beings seems to be a "free spirit" type always seeing the glass as half full. His name is Element. Element wields the power of Ice, Fire, and Lightning. Makes sense right? His brother is Chaos, he holds the power of darkness. But, Chaos is actually a good guy. Just cause you can use dark magic doesn't mean you have to be evil ya know! The brothers at first don't know how to communicate with the people of the city and are very stand-offish at first, but later find how to interact with them, all the while learning more about their selves.

We really enjoyed this series. The idea is very original, I haven't seen anything like this in any other comics. The fact that the Guardians show up with these great powers and still don't really know their selves is quite interesting too. This way you get to learn about them as they do themselves. Neat!

Now, where can you find this series to read for our very own? Guardians-Comic.com only available in digital format, but who knows. If a lot of you buy it, maybe Todd will give us paper issues? Right now there are 6 issues, so there is a lot of reading to do. If you are a "Try it first to see if you like it" type person, issue#1 is free on the website. I think you'll like it though. Guardians also has a Facebook page you can go to it here. I say head over there and give it a "Like".

Todd has also procured himself a table at this years Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo, a.k.a C2E2. If your going, stop by and say, "Canned Air sent you." It probably won't get you anything, but worth a try right?

Todd also has a Patreon Campaign going to help for the trip to C2E2. His campaign will help create more comics, but also provide you with stuff to buy at his table. Check out his video to find out more.


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