Ep. 67: Wages Of Sin

The Devil Himself

I do have to say the first time I saw something titled "Wages of Sin" shared to our Facebook page

I was unsure what it was about. But of coarse I had to check it out and what a pleasent suprise.

Wages of Sin is the good Ol' Sunday Funnies type comic strip we all used to steal from dad outta the Sunday paper every week. Well at least I did. After checking a ton of these out we decided to get creator Keith Brown to hang out this us and talk about his little devil friends.

I'm sure you can guess what this strip is about. Well, it's not the evilness you might have thought. The main character is The Devil and it does take place in Hell, but other than that it's all satire jokes and good laughs. If you keep up with politics, pop culture, and anything he can poke fun at, you will love this comic.

There are three reoccuring characters that appear with the devil. First is Jinx, he is the devils right

hand man. Then there is Skull which is, well, a talking skull. Lastly, we have a spider. Keith told us he hates spiders and uses this one to take out all his frustrations on, I know exactly how he feels.

So now you know what "Wages of Sin" is and would now like to find out where to see more? Well it would be my pleasure to let you know. The quickest way to find it is on Facebook, just click here or go the the official "Wages of Sin" website here where you can read tons of old and new strips, plus purchase the books. Keith has 2 volumes currently available with another one it's way. He also has a childrens book out made especially for Halloween. That would be an awesome Trick-or-Treat gift right? Oh yeah, coming soon is candy based on the characters, well keep you posted on that!

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