Ep. 68: "Wynter", This Book Is Special...

Guy Hasson is the writer of the comic series "Wynter" and along with his artist Aron Elekes, they have one heck of a thing going on. Every page of this series looks like a painting, they are gorgeous. Guy mentioned that Aron could be the next Alex Ross and I can totally see it.

Now on to "Wynter". "Wynter" takes place in the future, we have colonized a few different planets, and social media is huge. Everyone has a built in AI implanted in their heads that records and posts everything everywhere, and will also give you stats on everything you feel or do. By now the human population is so big, that mathematically there is no person in the human race that is unique. DNA can only make so many variations and we have surpassed that number.

So that's where Liz Wynter comes in to play. She is a 19 yr old girl, that thinks she is special, even though it is really impossible. Everytime she feels something or does something, her AI will let her know how many people have done/felt the exact same thing already. Kinda depressing right? lol

Well, Liz ends up downloading an app that puts her in trouble with the government, and thats where we will leave the story for you to find out. "Wynter" has four issues out, you can purchase them at Comixology, or from New Worlds Comics.

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