Ep. 69: Tuesday and the Soul Men

So we sat down and talked to Sal Brucculery, this guy is busy! Sal is the other half of AA88 Press (pronounced Aces and Eights). He joined us to talk about a couple of projects that he has been working on for some time now. Both comics are brought to us by Sal and his amazing artist Ibai Canales. So lets get talking about these...

First is a web comics entitled "C U Next Tuesday". The lovey lady to the left is our main gal "The Bride" or Tuesday. Here is what its all about:

The Bride of Frankenstein’s Monster and her crew, Robert “The Doll” and Officer Pigstein, solve crimes in the Monster Community involving monsters, mythers, and legends, some you have heard of and others you’ll meet for the first time. While she does have a duty as a detective, The Bride is on the search to find and kill the one who put a Monster-Community-wide hit on her, the very monster she refused to marry… Frankie a.k.a. Frankenstein’s Monster!

Pretty good right?? We enjoyed the heck out of it. The comic is updated every Tuesday, how bout that!? Check it out here.

The next comic is called "Soul Men". They are the two guys at the top of the picture. Sal's pitch for the story is: "SOUL MEN is "Bill and Ted's", "Supernatural", & "Ghostbusters" in a blender!". That's pretty much it too! It's about two brothers that are a stand-up comic team. Well, they were until one brother died. Now the surviving brother Rigby is trying to make it on his own, but not doing very well. Then one day his brother shows up as a ghost asking for his help. In order for both to make it to heaven, they must both become Soul Men.

Thats all we are gonna let you in on right now. Come the end of May, Sal is going to be launching a Kickstarter campaign to get this series printed. Sound like he has some pretty good goals in mind too. If you would like updates and previews click here and sign-up. We will also keep you posted .

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