Ep. 70: The Stories Of J.N. Monk

Our guest this week in another seriously busy people. We got to talk to them about only a few of the projects they are working on but they actually have quite a few. So now the question is, which to talk about first.

First off is "Enough Space for Everyone Else". This is an anthology based on non-imperialist space. You know stories that take place in space, but there is no real giant group or entity that s trying to run everything. They are currently taking submissions to build this book. If you would like to submit something click here to go to the website and check out the details.

Next up is called "StarHammer". This a soon to be webcomic series and is hoped to be up in October. Here is their plot description:

StarHammer follows the story of an overachieving & strait-laced teenager named Evelyn Li, who discovers she’s somehow acquired one of the most powerful objects on the planet, Orion’s Mallet. The Mallet is a weapon capable of producing constructs based on the constellations and was wielded by a disgraced former hero known as StarHammer.

The next project is another anthology which is currenlty available for purchase. The coolest thing is that you make the price to purchse it. "Disruption" is a science fiction anthology put together by ten different comic creators, I have to say the cover makes me want to purchase. Click here to go to the website and send whatever you want to pay to check this book out.

Last but deffinatley not least is "Battery". Still in the works, but by the look of the cover we totally dig it. Check out their blog to stay in the loop on this one. Here is a description:

Wanted for a crime she totally committed, Livy is on the run from the very monastic order she vowed to serve. Accompanied by Tana, a thieving con artist/swordswoman who’s more than she seems, and Chael, a rebel leader who’s decidedly less than he wants, Livy treks across the shattered fragments of her planet in hopes of patching up the world.

See! Tons of stuff going on here, I don't know how they do it!

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