Ep. 71: The Guys Of Snow

This week we made some friends from across the pond. We're talking about Nick Goode and Harry Hughes. They are the creator s of the comic series "Snow: The Dawn". The art work reminds me a little bit of Aeon Flux from the MTV Series "Liquid Televison" back in the 90's. At first I thought this was a black and white book, but I was wrong. The first book is lightly colored, almost like water color. It gives the book a really cool feel.

Now for the synopsis:

The year is 2079, a series of terrorist bombings have rattled what remains of England after the effects of global warming took the world by surprise in 2020. The people have lost faith in the government despite their efforts to aid the country's reform. Isolated and alone, London has split into boroughs, each borough governed by a councilman who reports to Parliament. In the fifth borough, Islington. James Snow, a political researcher, is in the midst of it all. Events begin to unfold that will change his way of life forever...

So you ready to check it out? Click here to go to Comixology and pick up the first couple issues.

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