Ep. 72: BRIMSTONE: The Real Story

Our guest for Episode 72 is a very special guy. He goes by the name Brimstone. If you haven't herd of him before, you may have seen him around sometime. He began his carreer as a child star on Sesame Street and Romper Room. Later on he moved into the music scene playing drums and creating a cult following. Later, after deciding to leave the music biz and a chance meeting with wrestling legend Bret "The Hitman" Heart and the Iron Sheik, he deicided to get into pro wrestling and was so dubbed, BRIMSTONE! If this wasn't enough Brim finished his wrestling careerand move into a ton of other jobs such as actor, author, fashion mogul, philanthropist, and comic book hero.

That last part is right, he is also in his own Comic. Brimstone and the Borderhouns. Great series! A quick rundown of the series is:

"Brimstone is a half human, half native son of that realm known to us as Hell, who works as a freelance employee of the Border Enforcement and Retrieval Department in a private squad of Borderhounds." We had a great time reading, It's kinda like "Walker Texas Ranger" in hell. But Brimstone is way badder than Ol' Chuck Norris. But don't tell Chuck...

Brimstone is also the CEO of Hound Comics and Hound Entertainment. There you can find Comcs, Novels, Web Comics, Candy, Sauces, and also backpacks. Check out the Houd Comics website. If your a Con-Goer keep an eye out for Hound Comics, stop by and get some stuff. If you would like to see more on Brim, check out his website.

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