Ep. 75: The Real Zordon

What a special guest we had join us at the table this week, David J. Fielding. David has been super busy since his role of Zordon, the giant head that gave the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers their powers.

It all started when he was young, acting out his favorite comics to his parents. Then after college moving to LA, he got his first role as Zordon. He played the part for 31 episodes even though he only filmed the role once. After leaving LA he headed to Pittsburg and got into the video game business doing voice work and writing. Now, David is focusing more on his writing. David has a whole library on Amazon. Click here to check out his Amazon page. He aslo has a blog "The Tao of Zordon" where he shares his thoughts, you can check that out here. Also, dont forget social media follow David on Instagram @djfzordon and twitter @Zordon2012 Keep an eye out at Cons too as he has been appearing at many recently.

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