Ep. 76: Hank Steiner

A couple of funny guys stopped by this week to tell us about their terrific creation, and also to share their thoughts on a few topics.

Tyler Sowles and Scott Schmidt are the masterminds behind "Hank Steiner: Monster Detective". Here is the story:

When the dead, demons and night creatures walk among men, injustice and crime are fueled by bigotry; only one monster is right for the case. In a world where the realms of man and monsters have merged, the monsters are seen as second class citizens, forced to live in squalor under the thumb of humankind. Misrepresented and oppressed, the monster people only find help from Hank Steiner, a private detective who finds himself at the epicenter of the hatred and crime in Tower City.

It's kinda like how in "Who Framed Roger Rabbit", the toon world and the human world merged together, but in this story it's a monster world. Very fun read, if you like noir style stories this is for you.

Currently on Comixology, only issue #1 is out, but we'll keep you posted on new issues.

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