Ep. 78: Saving Souls With Sal

We told you that you would hear from this title again!! The pleasurable Sal Brucculeri joined us again to pass on the word of his and Ibai Canales' work of art "Soul Men".

Sal's pitch for the story is: "SOUL MEN is "Bill and Ted's", "Supernatural", & "Ghostbusters" in a blender!". That's pretty much it too! It's about two brothers that are a stand-up comic team. Well, they were until one brother died. Now the surviving brother Rigby is trying to make it on his own, but not doing very well. Then one day his brother shows up as a ghost asking for his help. In order for both to make it to heaven, they must both become Soul Men.

The Kickstarter for issue #1 is currently live and going on until July, 16th. Lots of great rewards to take advantage of including a custom voicemail messgae or alram ring tone from one of the characters from the book. One of the greatest stretch goal rewards is a hardbound graphic novel containing all 5 issues. Bonus is that the first 5 issues are already complete so as soon as the campaign is complete, books are going into production. Can't beat that with a stick right?

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