Ep. 79: Max Is Back For The Finale!

He's back! Alex Lovato, writer of the comic series "Max Hunter" stopped by to promote the Kickstarter for issue number three of the series. If your new to the series, here is a little back story on Max Hunter:

Max Hunter, a cybernetic bounty hunter, is tracking his latest target when he crosses paths with a world renowned assassin, Vincent Snow.

Snow goes after Max in his home to finish what they started. After leaving Max to die, Snow captures Max's partner Keys! Max Hunter issue 3 is the final showdown between Bounty Hunter and Assassin, and we are going to finish this with a bang! Join us as this rivalry unfolds, pitting bounty hunter versus assassin one last time!

The Kickstarter is goning on until July, 2nd so there is still lots of time to donate to this terrific series. THere are also lots of cool rewards. To name a few of the rewards, you can get a trade paperback of the series, metal cover printed issues, and best of all, custom Pop Vinyl figures of Max and Snow.

Don, t miss it! TO see more head over to Kickstarter to check out the campaign, also check out what else Alex has going on at Darkside Global.

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