Ep. 83: Holidaze The Kickstarter

Remember when you were a kid and couldn't wait to wake up Christmas morning to see what Santa brought you? Maybe waking up Easter morning to go find where the Easter Bunny hid your basket of goodies? How about loosing a tooth then hiding it under your pillow to find some cold hard cash in place of that tooth when you woke up? Did you ever wonder what those amazing fantasy characters did on their off-time? Well then, welcome to:

"Where every body knows your name!, and their always glad you came.....!" Er, wait. Sorry, wrong Bar! "Holidaze: Where Mythic Icons go to Unwind"

created by Dave Dellecese (Writer) and Andrew Cieslinki (Art).

This a great series, all the shenanigans these people get into, and each issue focuses on a different character. No real main storyline in the series which is awesome because sometimes, you just wanna read one story and be done without having to check in on earlier issues to find out WTH happend! Right now these guys have a Kickstarter in progress for the first volume until July 15th so as of right this minute, you have time! Theres still a ways to go, but you can change that!

You can also purchase them for your very own, just head over to Comixology and check em out. You can also click over to the "Holidaze" website and see just what characters are in the stories, check out some sketches from Andrew, and see some indy comic recommendations from these guys.

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