Ep. 84: BRIMSTONE: The Return

The man, the myth, joined us again this week to talk about the goings on from last weekend at the San Diego Comic Con. We covered the Deadpool leaked tailer, he Suicide trailer disappointment, and the Dawn of Justice dream come true. We loved it, Ol' Brim hated it. That's OK Brim, we still love you!!

After nerding out on SDCC we set everything aside to find out what Brim has been up too. He has relabeled his sauces to Brimstone brand and even made a few different hot flavors. He has also put out his own line line of candy. Lastly, he has started his own radio/podcast Grindhouse Radio on Toxic Radio. On the air weekly on THursay at 7PM EST. The Grindhouse Radio is your final destination for everything pop culture... consider this your ultimate guide to everything geek. Brought to you by Hound. But don't forget about Canned Air!!

Don't forget, Brimstone is also the CEO of Hound Comics and Hound Entertainment. There you can find Comcs, Novels, Web Comics, Candy, Sauces, and also backpacks. Check out the Houd Comics website. If your a Con-Goer keep an eye out for Hound Comics, stop by and get some stuff. If you would like to see more on Brim, check out his website.

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