Ep. 85: A New Group Of Guardians

So, this guest has been in the works for a while in getting on our show. From way out on a small group of islands that some of you may have herd of, Hawaii. That's right creator, writer, and artist Christopher Caravalho joined us this week to talk about ‘Aumākua Guardians of Hawaii. It has taken a while to have him on the show because he was amazing enough to send a physical copy of his book to us. We then had to pass it around between the three of us to read it. But WOW what a book!

When you read stories with "Super Teams" you usually see their differences after a little while of reading. Finding their history and little quirks that make them different. But Chris has done this perfectly. As you may or may not know, Hawaii is a huge melting pot of cultures smashed together on a handful of islands. So needless to say, this group of heroes reflects that perfectly. he way he really shows the differences in the characters is that he writes in their accents, so when your reading it you actually hear how they talk. There is a few times we had to re-read some panels of get the jist of what was being said. Chris has also put a glossary in the back of the book to translate some of the lingo used.

"The ‘Aumākua Guardians of Hawaii were formed when the first natives came to the islands to protect the land and its people.Now, in the present day, a new team has banded together to carry on the tradition of their predecessors. This is the first multi-cultural incarnation of the ‘Aumākua. The team consists of members of local people that are of different ethnicities and cultures." and now it's time to introduce the ‘Aumākua Guardians of Hawaii:

Royal Hawaiian Guardian: Has been the heart of every ‘Aumākua group that was ever been formed. He is a fierce warrior and brilliant tactician.

Geckoman/Mo'o: Is a reformed thief now costumed hero.

Sistah Shark: A wahine måno demigod..whos bite is worse than her bark.

Portagee Man O War: Armored genius with a shocking arsenal.

Seoul Hot: Roller-skating Foulmouthed Fire starter.

Mighty Moke: Self proclaimed Hawaiian Supahman.

Super Size Sole: Polynesian Powerhouse.

Phantom Surfer: Mysterious wave riding Protector of the Pacific Ocean.

We seriously urge you to check this comic out. Go to Mana Comics to grab it.

Also you can follow Chris on:

Twitter: @manacomics

Facebook: click here!

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