Ep. 91: A Hero In Cleveland

One of the many artists we met at SPACE Con, writer and colorist Ted Sikora joined us this week to talk about his comic, "Apama: The Undiscovered Animal".

Here is what it about:

"So what is Apama? With so many great super-heroes based on creatures from nature (Spider-Man, Bat-Man, Wolverine) the creators asked themselves, “What if there was another creature that was so powerful and stealth that is was still undiscovered by modern man?” That creature is the Apama. In the comic book, Hungarian ice cream truck driver Ilyia Zjarsky goes hiking one day and finds the ancient Native American scroll that reveals the key to enabling the Apama’s spirit in a human."

Unlike almost any other comic, Apama was originaly a movie. He made his debut at SDCC, in the independent film “Hero Tomorrow”. In the Cleveland based film, David is a struggling comic book artist who can’t sell his original superhero idea, Apama, to a publisher. His girlfriend, being an aspiring costume designer, makes him a costume of Apama for Halloween. Once David’s life goes to pot, he decides to embark on various misadventures in real life dressed up as his own superhero.

Here's where we show you how to get ahold of the comic and movie:


Apama Nation

Hero Tomorrow

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