Episode 92: A New Threat Is Coming!!

Well not really. The fellas at Stratum Comics got ahold of us to let us know about their reboot of their series "The Threat". The thought of a reboot had us curious as to why reboot an awesome comic series? Well, for a good reason really. The guys at Stratum Comics let us know that it's still the same story. This time the artist is the same through the series.

Here is Stratum Comics explanation of The Threat:

"In the tradition of great science fiction The Threat is a story about the resilience of the human race. The world is on the brink of environmental collapse, continuous wars over dwindling resources, and humanity is dying because of a steady degeneration in human DNA. In essence, DNA, the central component and chief role in life’s diversity, and the blueprint for human life was being systematically destroyed sending mankind toward extinction at an ever increasing rate with the mutations being passed down from generation to generation. Despite all of our advanced technology, a genetically-related disease would be our undoing.

Geneticists saw this trend and tried to warn the governments of its eventuality, but most didn’t understand the threat they faced. Why should they? The average person on the street just assumed that human life would go on indefinitely.

The very thing that allowed humanity to rise as the dominant species was now our greatest enemy. We needed to evolve into something bigger and better or our time would quickly run out.

Governments hid this fact from people in fear of mass panic. The world's geneticists worked diligently to solve the problem but the in the end the best they could do was slow it down. Then it happened, the degeneration became a pandemic. People began dying by the thousands. The world governments began closing their borders and isolation became the norm. The world as we knew it died with a whimper.

Governments began to collapse due to the strain of the continual wars and rising health issues. Where would society turn? How could the world survive?

Seemingly by some miracle, but truly by one man’s vision, the disease began to disappear and the world mortality rate stabilized as mankind began to crawl back from the abyss. A new world order began to take hold as new and different forms of governance arose to replace the old. In some cities it was corporations that stepped in to fill the void, in others committees were elected, and in others anarchy prevailed. Society was renewed and people learned to adapt to this new way of life. That is until new mutations began to appear. Mutations that gave people abilities only seen in insects, animals, and plants, or abilities that extended beyond what was considered normal. Mankind was forced to deal with old fears, hatred, and prejudices as a new species was born.

Could humanity overcome its own frailties? What new THREATS awaited in the shadows?

“The human race is dying. It certainly won’t happen this year or even this decade, but the steady degeneration of human DNA would eventually lead to the total extinction of humanity given enough time.” - Michael Swaj

This is the premise of the Threat and the Stratum Comics Universe."

The Reboot is currently underway untill Semptember 26, 2015. Here is a list of links to Stratum Comics:

The Threat Reboot Kickstarter

Twitter - @stratumcomics

Website: stratumcomics.com


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