Ep. 94: Has Sowles...

Two actually. Tyler and Sara Sowles joined us to talk about all the Mario games there have been. It was recently Mario's 30 B-Day so what better way to celebrate than to talk about how much we love him!

But enough about the little italian guy. It time to talk about giant monsters!! Kaiju to be exact. The Sowles' have created their own giant beast that terrorized cities and us regular folk. Tyler and Sara have recently finished a very successful Kickstarter campaign for issue #2. We haven't had the pleasure to check it out yet. But from Tyler's description of it, it is deffinatley on the must read list. Now for Tylers description of Durontus:

"The story centers around a mysterious serpent that surfaces off the coast of Norway and is observed by a dedicated task force known as the GWG (Gargantua Watch Group) in order to avert possible disaster. Things come to a head when a swarm of moth-like insect mutations engulf the island of Svalbard and awaken Durontus. The creatures fight and the moths quickly head toward the mainland, leaving the story at a cliffhanger ending."

Shut up and take my money right?? Tyler has also went way out there to make this creature seem real. The Durontus website comes comlete with cut aways showing the anatomy for the beast. There are also a couple of sound bited that give you a taste of the different roars and cries of the monster.

So now you probably want to see where to buy this giant creature:



Twitter - @Killustration , @PeppermintStars

Tyler's Website - thekillustrator.com

Sara's Website - sarasowles.moonfruit.com

Facebook - KillustrationStudios

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