Ep. 97: NES And More Rapid City

Josh Dahl, the writer of the indy comic "Rapid City: Below Zero" was awesome enough to hang out with us again this week, even after spening all weekend at his table at New York Comic Con. In this weeks "Retro Roundtable" was took a look at good old original Nintendo games.

These are just a few that we takled about. Man they really don't make games like these anymore. All the new stuff that comes out seem so easy compared to the good ol 8-bit carts. Seriously, have you gone back and tried some of those old games? But I digress...

Now for Josh and "Rapid City: Below Zero". We first had Josh on the show for issue one back in November last year. Wow! Has it been that long? Those of you new to this comic series, let me give you the story:

"After a double-cross two villains are left for dead deep underground, the rest of their crew murdered. Icicle and Claw Hammer must find the will to survive and fight their way to the surface before they can get their revenge.."

Issue #4 is running on Kickstarter until Oct 31st. Don't miss it, this is an awesome series! Lots of cool rewards.

Would you like to see more?





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