Ep. 98: The Frank You Know

In this episode, Frank Mula of AA88 Press joins us. In the light of Halo 5 coming out next week, we decided to do some remenicing of our many great hours playing this incredible franchise. We remembered our favorite maps,

our favorite Covenant Species,

and even, the awesome movie that came out around the time of Halo 4.

And now we are excited to partake in the newset release when it comes out! After that we directed our attention over to Frank about his comic series "The Devil You Know". Frank was on the show we he released issue #1 back in January

2015. Seems he has been pretty busy as he just recently dropped issue #4. In case you missed him the first time. Here is a run down of "The Devil You Know":

"One late night, Greydon Cross found his family slaughtered and the Devil himself standing before him. Struck down himself before he could have his revenge, Greydon makes a deal with God upon his death. In exchange for power, Greydon agrees to travel to Hell and assassinate the Devil. There is one catch however, once Satan is destroyed Greydon would have to assume the mantle."

AWESOME! This series is deffinately a blast. Keep em coming Frank!


And now for some links:


Website- AA88Press.com

Twitter- @AA88Press


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