Ep. 99: Happy Holloween!

The Kickstarter is for the retelling of the movie "100 Tears" but in a 6 issue comic series. In case you never herd of it, here is the synopsis:

"After being accused of crimes he did not commit, a lonely circus clown exacts his revenge on those who unjustly condemned him. The act sparks something inside him which he cannot stop and now, years years later, his inner-demons have truly surfaced. Part urban ledgen, part tabloid sensationalism...he is now an unstoppable murderous juggernaut, fueled only by hate. And worse, when two tabloid reporters attempt to hunt him down, they find themselves trapped. It's a gory, horrifying fight for their lives with no telling who will emerge alive."

Next up we had Benjamin Peter sit and talk to us. Who is he you ask? Ben was

one of the contestants from the eighth season of Face Off from the Sy-Fy Channel. We got to find out how he got started in make-up and how he made it onto the show. Unfortunately, Ben was eliminated from the competition, but he was one of the final six. He did very well, and had some amazing creations.

As always, here are some links to our guests:

Master Plot Comics

100 Tears - Kickstarter

Mater Plot Comics - website

Twitter - @MPComics


Ben Peter

​Twitter - @BenjaminJPeter1


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