Ep. 100: WE GOT TO 100!!

Well well well, here we are. 100 episodes later, and what an amazing trip it has been. All the people we have met, and all the comics we have been able to share, and last but not least all the fun doing it.

This week, in our "Retro Roundtable" we decided to talk about a comic character who in a way is responsible for us bringing you our show every week. His name is Superman. True, the show isn't based on him, but what he is is the reason. If it wasn't for comics and super heroes we are pretty sure Canned Air would have never been started. Superman is just one of the longest heroes to be around and relevant still today.

For this milestone episode, we were able to get our old co-host Jeff Holcomb back on, and we also invited Miguel Guerra and Suzi Diaz from

7Robots Inc. to join us. They have honored us with quite a few different projects. Way back in episode 21 we reviewed the comic called "Super Corporate Heroes", then they sent us their first anthology comic that celebrated Earth Day called "Earth Dream".

Then just a few weeks ago they sent us "Earth Dream #2". See! It's like they have been with us for many episodes, a part of the show even. And for that we thank you guys. Both "Earth Dream" books are available to download for free over at 7Robots.com. We strongly urge you to read both, and don't forget about "Super Corporate Heroes". It's an awesome satire about commercializing heroes. Miguel and Suzy are hard at work with the next couple issues.

And with that we leave episode 100 behind and head for another 100, then another and so on.....and now for our big news! We have been chosen to be part of the WizardWorld podcast community. That's right!! Canned Air is now part of Con Radio, the official podcast community for Wizard World! This news is about a year and a half in the making, we couldn't be happier. Be sure to check us out over there and also check out the other great shows they have.

Now for the links:

Website - 7Robots.com

Twitter - @7RobotsInc


Website - Con Radio

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