Ep. 103: Heroes and Duos

With the recent release of Marvels Jessica Jones on Netflix, we thought it would be perfect that we take a look back at some of our favorite TV heroes of the past. Now that doesn't mean comic book, cape- wearing crime fighters. Though a couple were, we just ment the TV heroes in general. There were even a few that came up that we totally forgot about. Even when we were done with our Retro Roundtable we brought up a few more that we never thought of, so it looks like that might be a topic later in the future.

Then we switched out attention to our returning guest, the Editor-in-Chief of 8th Wonder Press, Jesse Dubin. It was great to have Jesse back on the show. A while back he had the idea wondering if it was possible to create a story that was only two pages long. He put out the call eatlier this year and received over 30 submissions. So apparently it can be done! With that Jesse put together a three part mini series called "Uncanny Adventure: Duo". We were able to check out issue one and really enjoyed it, now it's time to get issue two. Just to keep it spoiler free, we're only gonna show you the covers for the first two issues.

Now as always, it's time for some links:

8th Wonder Press - website

Twitter- @8thWonderPress


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