Ep. 111: Arcades And Gargoyles

Not too long ago, there was a special

place where you could go and put little metal disks into this big box. Then, light and sounds would begin to happen. Hours and hours of enjoyment, and I bet millions of dollars in allowances have been lost. If you havent realized what I'm talking about, I am speaking of the old Arcade. Not seen to often anymore, unless you mean places like Dave & Busters. Those big places just arent the same.

Welcome to the topic of this episodes "Retro Round Table". We take a look back at going to the arcade when we were young. Than, we reflect on some of our favorite arcade games.

Next we had Alex Lobato of Darkside Global join us to talk about his Kickstarter currently running until Feb. 21, 2016.

This Kickstarter is the collaboration of Darkside Global and Maelstrom Comics. The two independent comic companies are putting together two comics in this campaign. Gargoyle Girl and Redeux By Proxy. Would you like to know more?

Gargoyle Girl: In the mean streets of Blackpoole city you're either the hunter or the hunted! Desperate to find her mothers killers, Casey turns to her family and friends to help her find answers. During Casey's deep dive into the underworld she comes across an old protector looking to pass on the mantle and carry his burden of and ancient secret.

Redeux by Proxy: The year is 2077 in the warehouse district in Gateway City. Janet Weiss, a cost accountant for Applied Cryo Medical Transport is murdered, when her inquiries expose corruption within her company. Scientist Errol Graham and his companion AI Locke give Janet a second chance to set things right by extracting her memories and planting them into a proxy unit. Janet now has 7 days to solve her own murder before her proxy body relives the memory of her death and shuts down for good.

Damn they sound good. Looks like we'll just have to participate in the campaign.

Here are some links to get you there:


Darside Global - website

Twitter @darksideglobal

Maelstrom - website

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