EP. 112: Goode Hughes N64

In this episodes "Retro Roundtable", we take a look at one of the greatest consoles of all time. The N64 was was the first consoles to use the more 3-D. I think it was one of the first consoles that had more than 2 controller ports. ou could also by extra controllers that were different colors!! Suprisingly enough, the N64 sayed so popular despite the crazy controller design. The games were amazing as well. Who has not spent untold hours playing "Goldeneye" or reliving "Star Wars" while playing Rouge Squadron".

We also welcome back Nick Goode and Harry Hughes to talk about the comics they have created.

Snow the Dawn

The year is 2079, a series of terrorist bombings have rattled what remains of England after the effects of global warming took the world by surprise in 2020. The people have lost faith in the government despite their efforts to aid the country's reform. Isolated and alone, London has split into boroughs, each borough governed by a councilman who reports to Parliament. In the fifth borough, Islington. James Snow, a political researcher, is in the midst of it all. Events begin to unfold that will change his way of life forever...



Set 10 years before Snow: The Dawn, Codename sheds some light on the inner workings of the post apocalyptic England. Sarah Brown, a young and driven woman from the 2nd Borough is introduced to Oliver Faust and begins her journey into the broken system that runs the newly established boroughs.

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Laura Parks, a reporter in the 1st borough uncovers a secret hidden within the largest company in the 10 boroughs. What she uncovers could change everything but will she reveal the truth before it's too late?


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