Ep. 108: 2016! Here We Come!

It's here, 2016! We thought we knew what 2015 would look like thanks to "Back to the Future", but we saw the future pass, and it didn't quite look like the movie. Now it's time to make our own future. This week our episode is a multiple parter. There is way too much info to make this a single episode. Our good friend Sal Brucculeri joins us to have a comic creation information workshop. Basically, Sal is here is give help and insights to those who are interested in starting their own comic. If you are thinking about getting intot he business, have a story, or can draw and want to find a writer. Give this episode a listen and find out how to get started. Below are a couple of websites Sal gave us to help in the search of collaboratores to begin the process.




millarworld.tv (forums)

To see some of Sals work:

AA88Press - website

Sal Brucculeri - twitter

Sal's website

C U Next Tuesday - webcomic

Soul Mean - facebook

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