Ep. 116: Gameshows With The Birdlander

Back in the 80's and even earlier, morning TV

was chalk full of gameshows. Hours and hours of folks testing theirselves to win terrific prizes.

Nowadays the only real gameshow left is The Price is Right. There are a few running during primetime, but in order to see them in all their glory at all times, we have GSN (The Game Show Network).

This week we took some time to remember our favorites. One show we talked aout really quick was American Ninja Warrior. Reason being is an unfortunate happening that went on during an episode. See the Video below.

Our guests this episode are wrtier Aaron Walther and illustrator Ed Bickford of the webcomic series "The Birdlander". Ths is a very insteresting series. We were able to read the first issue and instantly got hooked. To get an idea of the comic, check this out:

"In a dangerous, post apocalyptic world, people tell stories of a great warrior known as The Birdlander. A hero to some, a villain to others, many people doubt The Birdlander’s very existence, but a young woman named Sumi believes he is hiding in East Astrubellum, the last great human metropolis. She travels through the dragon infested deserts in hopes of finding the real Birdlander, but for what purpose, she would rather not say."

Check out the video below to see Ed do some drawing.

and now some links:

The Birdlander Patreon

The Birdlander Facebook

Arron's stuff:



Ed's stuff:



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