Ep. 118: Arnold, a Bull, and a Beaver

Every March here in Columbus, Ohio we have the Arnold Classic Fitness Expo. So we decided to use that for our Retro Roundtable segement, in a matter of speaking. We nerds arn't ito sports, but we are in to Arnold Schwarzenegger. HIS MOVIES we mean, lol. But then again, who doesn't love any and all of his movies.

Sure some have been bad, like "Hercules in New York" but some have been super funny, like "Twins"

Some have been full of amazing over the top action, like "Predetor" and "True Lies".

He has even been in a Christmas movie and been a man with a Heart of Cold.

No matter his role, no one can ever forget him!

Next up is our guest. A couple of our friends (Ruben Romero and Richard Rivera) from Think A Like Productions joined us to talk about a brand new comic series the have put together. I beleive this is the first press coverage for their new title as it's is being printed as we speak. So here it is


Wild Bull and Chipper is about two normal, or plain guys that get super powers after eating some Super Salsa that expired back in the 90's. Or is it? We will have to let you find out. One thing we can say is that it was tremendously enjoyable. There was seriously a couple of laugh out loud parts. Think Alike Productions will have a table at C2E2 in Chicago so if your going, be sure to stop by and pick it up. Tell them Canned Air sent you. It won't get you anything, but they would enjoy hearing it im sure.

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