Ep. 119: Canned Air v Game Fix

This weeks episode we did things a little bit different. While we were at Wizard World Cleveland last month, we ran into the fellas from the Game Fix podcast. They are also on Wizard Worlds Con Radio podcast community. That's them on the left and right, hosts Spanish and Verlane. We put our heads together and decided to do a cross podcast episode. So what we did was join them on their show. We got to talk about the games we are currently playing, learn some game industry news, and then talked about upcoming movies.

Then it was their turn to come on our show. Since they are gamers, we decided to use our Retro Roundtable segment to talk a bit classic Xbox games. We also found out that Spanish and Verlane never really had Xboxes, but luckily, they had played most of the games brought up thanks to cross platform games.

It was a great time, this is deffinately not the last time Canned Air meets up with Game fix. They will be at Wizard World Columbus along with us. Be sure to check them our on Con Radio. They post their new episodes every Monday. They also stream on Twitch Thursdays.

Now for some links:

Game Fix website

Twitter - @GameFixShow



Con Radio

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