Ep. 120: Spiderman and The Shepherd

Since the excitement has subsided after seeing a glimpse of Spiderman in the new Civil War movie trailer. For this episodes "Retro Roundtable" we thought it would be cool to look back at the ol' web-head, wether it be the old 70's cartoon, or the 90's cartoon (which we deemed the best), maybe even video games, and comic variations. Then we went and gave up some of our favorite Spiderman villians.

Next up the artistic crew from the Caliber Comics comic book called "The Shephard: Apokatastasis" joined us to talk about the Kichktarter for the next part of the series.

The story is about a father that has recently lost his son, then the events that happen as he tries to save his son's soul.

"After Professor Lawrence Miller’s teenage son Val’s tragic death from a drug overdose, he cannot shake the sense that his son’s soul is lost and wandering between heaven and earth. Grieving and deeply disturbed, he makes a fateful decision to commit suicide, electing to pursue his son into the afterlife. Lawrence’s soul awakens and immediately encounters his deceased father who has arrived to greet him in order to help him transition over. However, Lawrence rejects his father’s offer, choosing instead to stay in the ‘seam,’ the

middle ground between heaven and earth, so that he can find his son and seek retribution. Lawrence embarks on his search for Val, beginning at his son’s grave. But as Lawrence begins to wage a brutal campaign of retribution against those responsible for the drugs that killed Val, his existence becomes a terrifying conflict between his unchecked anger...and his instinctive knowledge that he has lost his own way."

Now with a new creative team which were our guests this week, they are ready to continue the story with "The Shepherd: The Path of Souls". The Kickstarter is going until April 6th, 2016. Here is a taste of the what to look for in this story:

"In The Path of Souls the three generations of Miller men happen upon a very unusual district in the Seam, a “hospital” of sorts for the souls of warriors who have died in combat. Here soldiers of all cultures and time periods gather. For various reasons, these lost souls are locked in ever-repeating cycles of violence and trauma. They are still fighting the battles that claimed their lives, doomed to struggle against the ghosts of unresolved fears, broken hopes, and shattered dreams.

Franco, Lawrence and Val are thrown into this “intensive care unit” for souls. Now, they must join these miserable spirits, fighting for their souls. Can they survive long enough to help them or will they fall before the forces of fear and be swept into the cycles of violence that haunt this place?"

Check out the links:

The Shepherd - Kickstarter

The Shepherd - website

Caliber Comics - website


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