Ep. 122: Star Fleets & Earth Alliances

Space......the final frontier. You know the rest. This franchise has been around longer than the stories of a long time ago, in a galaxy far far away. But both are still icons in history. In this episodes "Retro Roundtable" we talk about Star Trek. Our guest is a huge fan of this franchise, Raymond Fields. He actually schooled us a little on some old episodes of the original series, and also in the final series "Enterprise". One thing I can get behind is the science of Star Trek, ya it is still fiction, but it does seem a little more plausible. Also, though they may be in another galaxy, the stories are about humans from Earth. One thing I think we missed talking about were the leaders of the shows, the amazing Captains of the ships. We didn't really touch on them too much as we ran out of time for the segment. That just means we can hit on this topiic later on. But just so we dont completely miss them. Here they are below.

An now for our guest! Raymond Fields. He is the creator of the comic series "Earth Alliance". The fitst issue was a Kickstarter success and now he has put up a new Kickstarter for issue 2. It has only been up for a few weeks and has already been funded. That dones't mean you don't have to send some love, let's go for some stretch goals! For a quick rundown of the story, lets take a look:

"The year is 2190. The human race is thriving, but only after it looked to the stars in search of a replacement for earth’s depleted fossil fuels. Humans found an energy source, a mineral called elirium, in a neighboring star system, and in doing so, discovered they were not alone in the universe. While mining the mineral, mankind made first contact with the Khutarri, a humanoid alien race who also depend on elirium to survive. Both species staked their claim on the planets that house the indispensable substance, which has kept them on the brink of intergalactic war for a decade. Neither humans nor the Khutarri want the fight to extend to their home worlds, but each will do whatever it takes to avoid extinction. In the future, elirium is power. Elirium means survival."


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