Ep. 124: Villains and Yellowstone

In every story there is our so called hero, be it a cape wearing hunk, or just a nerdy underdog. But on the other side of the spectrum of that protagonist is the antagonist or villain. They come in all types. It may be just the always a jerk bully like Biff Tannen. Maybe someone who has major plans and might not be the one to actually do the bad thing like Kingpin. They may also be the root of all evil like Emporer Palpatine. This week we take a look at some of our favorite villains in TV, movies, and video games.

This weeks guest is Jeff Nelson, creator of the comic series "Sons of Yellowstone". On first look, it seems that it's a western based comic, but to our surprise it is a post apocalyptic type store. The caldera of Yellowstone has erupted and destroyed a lot of what we know. There are survivors, but some have received powers. Here is the creator premise:

"Cedric is a super-powered nomad—a Son of Yellowstone, someone who turned into a superhuman after the eruption of the world’s largest super-volcano. Nuevo San Diego is a metropolis towering above the ashes of a fallen civilization, and it’s the center of a conflict that connects a continent otherwise fragmented by the eruption of the Yellowstone Caldera.

Cedric was given a warning: Don’t go west. With a false sense of invincibility, he ignored it and ventured into the ash-covered badlands of the Post-Yellowstone West. Conflict immediately finds him, and he is forced to fight Nuevo San Diego’s governing powers—forces controlled by the city’s mysterious Mayor."

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