Ep. 125: Awesomely Bad Movies & Lake Imago

So many movies out there some great, some good, some OK, and some bad. But some are so bad they are good. Does that make sense? You know, a movie that may have been good back in the day but maybe it doesn't hold up to todays effects or maybe photography or, just the story alone. But some are so bad that it is just fun to go back and watch just how bad that movie was. In this weeks "Retro Roundtable" we talk about those great bad movies.

Our guests this episode are artist Jamaica Dyer (Weird Fishes, Fox Head Stew) and writer Eddie Wright (Tyranny of the Muse, Regular Show). They sent us a copy of their comic "Lake Imago". Definitely a cool read, no color in it but that's OK. We feel that color would have taken away from the book. The art style is totally different than most books we have read.

What's it about?

"Following a family tragedy, three young women head out on a camping trip for some stress-free fun. When the youngest, Belle, nearly drowns, she undergoes a drastic, supernatural shift in personality that may cost the other two their lives."

Hey! Here are some links!

Lake Imago - Comixology

Jamaica Dyer - Twitter

Eddie Wright - Twitter


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